Willow Way Clydesdales Ohaton, Alberta

Influential Sires of our Past

Torrs Quicksilver
Torrs Trueform x Langalbuinoch Rowena (x Ayton Perfection)

Torrs Cup Winner
Torrs Bardrill Ideal x Balgay Elizabeth Ann (x Broom Gallant Lad)

Quicksilver, imported from Scotland in '94, remains one of the most influential sires of our breeding program. He left us broody females with an abundance of clyde character, giving us a solid foundation to our program.
Quicksilver was one of our main breeding horses until he was purchased by Anheuser-Busch in 2001.

Another imported stallion, Cup Winner was out of the mare Balgay Elizabeth Ann whose sire Broom Gallant Lad and dam Maidenplain Davina link him to Quicksilver, as they are Quicksliver's great grandsire & great granddam.
Cup Winner bred successfully for us for many years, and we still have two daughters, Dana and Farrah, who are still producing great foals.

Ozark's Royal View
Plunton Calum Maelogan x Hewal Madison Avenue (x Centreview's Major Player)

Willow Way Kelso
Willow Way Bacardi x Willow Way Farrah (x Torrs Cup Winner)

After 3 years of co-ownership with Anderson Farms, we made the decision to sell our half to give David Anderson full ownership of Kelso. His progeny is making their mark in the Show Rings across North America. Willow Way Farms & Anderson Farms placed 1st & 2nd in the Get of Sire class respectively, at the 2018 World Clydesdale Show. His son, Willow Way Prestwick was also named World Champion Gelding. In 2019 Kelso had an undefeated Get of Sire in Canada & the USA.
We now use sons Omega & Quasar in our program as well as a few daughters retained for broodmares.
We used "Roy" for a few years and he produced for us big, stylish, highly marketable foals. His son, Hatfield Monty is the highest priced gelding to sell at Auction.
He was sold in the fall of 2018 to Somewhere Farms, where he resides today. Roy was sold under the circumstance that when Bob & Laura are no longer in need of his service, we will have the opportunity to add him back into our program.

Live Oak Omega
Ayton Perfection x Doura Douglas's Delight (x Doura Excelsior)

Willow Way Bacardi
Live Oak Omega x Breezy Hill Queen Tori (x Torrs Jubilant)

We leased Omega for 2 breeding seasons, in the years 2001 & 2003. The most successful foaling year to date was when the Omega foals arrived in 2002. From this crop we obtained future herd sires Altima & Bacardi, as well as broodmares who would prove to be our best producing line of mares, these mares include
  • Chanel (dam of Havanna, Ideal, Jolie, Mhorita, Prada & Quasar))
  • Carlene (dam of Juliette, Lita, Marianna & Omega)
  • Cloie (dam of  Jive, Kanga, Lydie, Omaira, Rhapsody & Shine On)
We love the consistency of the Omega bred horses, his name is prevalent in most of our top show horses.
Bacardi was shown as a 3 year old where he was Champion at both the Calgary Stampede & the Manitoba Clydesdale Classic in Austin, MB.
This 18.1 hand son of Live Oak Omega continued on the legacy started by his sire, each year producing foals known for their tremendous movement, length of neck, huge feet, beautiful heads, and his 'trademark' of a little extra chrome. We can always count on Bacardi to have very typey foals, exuding clyde character.
Bacardi now resides in Nova Scotia at Messinger Clydesdales.

Willow Way Horton
Thistle Ridge Eaton Venture x Love's Solomon's Cilagh

(x Solomon's Admiral)
Deighton Zoom
Broomhedge Pride x Fordelhill Belinda
(x Middlebank Carlogie Brig of Buchlyvie)

Horton was an exciting colt right from the beginning, out of the Cilagh mare that was used in the world show 6, he was an eye catching colt with a lot of attitude.
He has left his mark on his foals, adding his impressive front end, flat bone, great hocks and stylish way of moving. Horton offspring all have that special eye-appeal. We have a few Horton daughters in our group of broodmares.
Horton now stands at Brunt-Hill Farm in Saskatchewan.

Zoom had proven himself invaluable to our breeding operation. We are grateful to Frank Pfannenstiel of Wyoming for making this imported horse available to us. He is an outcross with an outstanding pedigree. The progeny from Zoom are making quite a splash in the show ring, both in halter and in harness.  Willow Way Nova was named 2014 Res. All-Canadian Yearling Mare & Willow Way Napa earned top honors at the 2015 Calgary Stampede, in being named Grand Champion Mare.​​​​​​​​​ Willow Way Odessa was a part of the 2018 World Champion Mare Team.

We sadly lost Zoom late in 2016.

Zooms influence on our breeding program now comes through his daughters. This next generation continues to impress us with their consistent presence, action & great toplines.

Willow Way Altima
Live Oak Omega x Willow Way Nicky (x Croydon Aristocrat)

Willow Way Ideal
Zorra Highland Captain x Willow Way Chanel (x Live Oak Omega)

Altima was shown successfully as a yearling & 2 year old in halter as well as the cart futurity at the Manitoba Clydesdale Classic. He was Champion Stallion at Stampede as a yearling, and Res. Champion as a 2 year old.
He is a big horse, standing 18.1 with a great foot, an abundance of hair and a broad flat hock. We could count on Altima to throw his size, and most of his foals grew to be great hitch horses. He was perhaps a little under used here, as he was related to quite a few mares through his dam line.
He was sold in the spring of 2012 to Blaine & Trinda Martin of Boulder Bluff Clydesdales in Manitoba.

Ideal had an excellent show record, which included
  • Champion foal, Olds foal show '08
  • Res. Champion Stallion, Calgary Stampede '09
  • Jr. Champion Stallion, RAWF '10
  • All-Canadian 2 yr old Stallion '10
  • Champion Stallion, Calgary Stampede '11
  • All-Canadian Stallion, 3 years and over '11
Ideal had a few foal crops here before his untimely death in the fall of 2013. His foals were quite stylish, with strong tops, laid back shoulders & correct legs.

Gregglea Maximum Sensation
Doura Sensation x Inspector Dani (x Inspector Floss)

Zorra Highland Captain
SBH Phoenix x Pendleberry Heather May (x Phesdo Super Scot)

We purchased Max in 2007 as he had a very attractive pedigree & was a very modern type of horse, one that we wanted to breed to our hitch mares. He was used not only to breed but as our breaking horse. His foals all inherited his work ethic, great foot & front end. We have a number of fillies on the farm by Max, the traits from their sire make them top quality hitch prospects, as they all seem to have a little bit of fire in them.
Captain was purchased as a weanling from Ken McIntosh of Ontario. This perfectly marked, well haired colt with tremendous depth of pedigree had all the makings of a great herd sire.
He was used on a lot of our Omega mares, and the cross proved successful in the 4 years we used him. His son out of Willow Way Chanel was retained by us as a herd sire, which allowed us the opportunity to sell Captain when the situation arose.