Willow Way Clydesdales Ohaton, Alberta

2018 Supreme World Champion

Willow Way Farrah
Torrs Cup Winner x Willow Way Annette (x Torrs Quicksilver)

Willow Way Chanel
Live Oak Omega x Maple Stone Sensational Jewel

(x Doura Sensation)

A true once in a lifetime type of mare, Chanel has proven herself in the showring as well as a broodmare. Her accomplishments include, but are not limited to the following
  • Supreme Horse at Calgary Stampede '05
  • Res. Champion Mare at the RAWF, Toronto ON '05
  • Dam of the 2 time All-Canadian stallion, Willow Way Ideal (2010 & 2011) and World Champion Mare, as well as All-American & All-Canadian 2 year old, Willow Way Jolie
  • Undefeated progeny of dam at Olds AB & Calgary Stampede in '10 & '11
  • Named the 2013 Canadian "Proven" mare

Farrah is a daughter of the great Annette, sired by Torrs Cup Winner. Farrah herself was unshown, however she has proven her worth as a broodmare with offpsring that are winning in the show ring & have been contributing to our breeding program.¬† She stamps all of her foals with tremendous size, long necks, quality joints and attitude. Farrah is the dam to Jorja, Kelso, Lettie (all sired by Bacardi), Nutmeg (sired by Ideal)​ Radiance & Shade¬† (2017 & 2018 Firestone fillies)

Willow Way Imagine
Danny Boy Master Don x Willow Way Hayley (x Torrs Quicksilver)

Willow Way Heaven
Monty of Woodland x Willow Way Carmen (x Torrs Quicksilver)

Imagine is a big drafty young mare, standing a strong 18 hands. She has the quality feather which is so often found in the Master Don offspring, with exceptional bottoms and a strong topline. Imagine's daughter, Willow Way Puzzle (x Willow Way Horton) won her class at the Calgary Stampede & was named the 2018 All-Canadian 2 year old mare.
Imagine had a big attractive colt by Kelso in 2017 & has a bay Firestone colt for 2018.

Heaven was sold as a foal to Legacy Stables, who showed her to first place 2 yr old & Jr. Champion Mare at the Calgary Stampede. Shortly after Calgary, we purchased her back and used her for 2 years in the lead, and in 2016 in the swing. Her dam is one of the foundation mares here, and has produced many top quality fillies.
Heaven foaled a bay colt by Ozark's Royal View in 2018.

Hill Topper Diamond's Kate
Crack A Dawns Silver Storm x Hill Topper Perfect Diamond
(x Westerdale Drake)

Willow Way Dana
Torrs Cup Winner x Joseph Lake's Fancy (x Croydon Aristocrat)

Kate has been a very consistent producer, she has produced 4 full siblings sired by Deighton Zoom. Nova, Oxford, Preslie & her 2017 filly foal, Rosalie.
Oxford was exported to Australia in the fall of his yearling year where he stands at stud at Oscarville Clydesdale Stud.

Kate has a fantastic colt by Willow Way Kelso for 2018.

Dana is the type of mare that always catches & foals easily. We can always count on her for producing very marketable types with character. She is the dam to two stallions standing in Wisconsin, Willow Way Marshall (x Willow Way Bacardi) & Willow Way Nash (x Willow Way Horton). She possesses a black gene and has produced a few blacks, including Marshall, her 2016 filly & 2017 colt, both sired by Zoom.

Maple Stone Sweet Emilee
Hewal Benefactor x Langbank Sweet Perfection (x C.I.E. Perfection)

Maple Stone Verna Rochelle
Maple Stone Excel x Millisle Verna (x Millisle Perfection)

Emilee, along with Rochelle & Foxy Lady were all recently purchased from Monty Thomson of Gladstone Manitoba. When these mares were kindly offered by Monty, we jumped at the opportunity to bring these fantastic genetics to Willow Way.
The decision to purchase Emilee was an easy one, as we had purchased her 2014 colt by Ozark's Royal View, Hatfield Argo, and he developed into an exceptional gelding.
Emilee has a sharp 2017 filly by Zoom & has a bay colt by Ozark's Royal View for 2018.

Rochelle is out of the fantastic imported mare, Millisle Verna. Rochelle exudes clyde character, and is everything we look for in a great broodmare. She is the dam to the 2015 Res. All-Canadian 2 year old colt Hatfield Winchester.
Rochelle is bred to Thorpe Hill Bomber in 2018.

2S Maxton's Foxy Lady
Maple Stone Stuart Maxton x Live Oak Darby (x Northwest Glenord's Shea)

Faydar Lexie
Cranbrook Joe Black x Faydar Vicki (x Brunt-Hill Ted)

We couldn't pass up the opportunity to add a daughter of the classy mare, Live Oak Darby to our breeding operation. Foxy Lady passes on her wonderful length of neck and slick hock to her offspring.

Lexie was purchased in the spring of 2014 as a hitch prospect. She has been very successfully shown in the hitch as well as on halter. She made her halter debut at Calgary Stampede in 2015 where she was named Reserve Champion mare. Lex was Res. Sr. Champion at Calgary in 2016 & won the All-Breed Mare Cart class. She tied for the 2016 All-Canadian Broodmare award and won Honourable Mention in the Yeld Mare division in the 2017 contest. She was shown once again to Sr. Champion at Stampede & Best of Show at Vermilion for the second time.
This highly animated and very feminine mare is bred to Willow Way Omega for 2019.

Towerview Sunflower
Armbro Jack x Towerview Ainsley Supreme (x Benedictine Gold Nugget)

Willow Way Carlene
Live Oak Omega x Hatfield Amy (x Green Leaf Famous Amos)

A big stretchy mare, Sunflower stands 18.1 hands, and was used in the wheel of the 2012 hitch. She was shown successfully in Ontario and stood 7th in the 3 year old class at the 2011 World Show.

Carlene is another excellent producing Omega daughter. She is the mother to Willow Way Juliette, Willow Way Lita, Willow Way Marianna, Willow Way Omega & Willow Way Secora.
She will be bred to Thorpe Hill Bomber for 2020.

Willow Way Jamaica
Gregglea Maximum Sensation x Hatfield Amy (x Green Leaf Famous Amos)

Willow Way Napa
Deighton Zoom x Cranbrook's Lady Cynthia (x Mr. Magnificient)

Jamaica was shown very successfully in the cart as well as in halter. She has a lot of heart and animation.
Jamaica currently has a 2018 stud foal by Ozark's Royal View & will be bred back the same way.

Napa was the Champion Mare at the 2015 Calgary Stampede. Her dam produced foals for us until the age of 23. Napa wears a 10.5" shoe and moves so correctly with fantastic hock action.
She had a very correct filly by Kelso in 2017 & foaled a beautiful, perfectly marked colt by Kelso in 2018.

Willow Way Mhorita
Majestic Dream's Royal Prince x Willow Way Chanel (x Live Oak Omega)

Willow Way Havanna
Mapledoon Sensation x Willow Way Chanel (x Live Oak Omega)

Mhorita has had a successful career in both halter and as our lead mare. She was Reserve Champion mare at the Calgary Stampede as a Yearling & 2 Year Old, and was named Reserve All-Canadian Yearling Mare in 2013.
At 6 years old, Mhorita is a mare who very much resembles her dam, Chanel, as she matures.

She's our "horse of a different colour" Havanna's pedigree is filled with the best of the breed. She is a big mare, standing over 18 hands with a phenomenal hock & huge foot.
She had a lovely filly by Firestone in 2016 (Willow Way Quella - winner of the Best of Show title at the 2018 Calgary Stampede) & produced a full sister in 2018.

Willow Way Lydie
Willow Way Horton x Willow Way Cloie (x Live Oak Omega)

Willow Way Layla
Willow Way Horton x Westerdale Friendly Fiona (x Windy Ridge McKenzie)

As Layla's dam, Fiona, has been such a fantastic mare for us, we decided to keep Layla in our brood mare group as we felt that she has the quality to replace Fiona when the time comes for Fiona to be retired.
She has the beautiful Horton front end, while looking the part of a great clyde broodmare.
Layla had a colt by Firestone in 2017 & will be bred back in 2018.

Lydie is a very correct mare out of one of our all-time favourite mares, Cloie - making her a maternal sister to our lead mares, Kanga & Omaira
Lydie is one of three Horton daughters that we have kept in our program. Lydie has a dark brown filly by Ozark's Royal View in 2018, and will be bred back for 2019.

Willow Way Jorja
Willow Way Bacardi x Willow Way Farrah (x Torrs Cup Winner)

Schuler Farms Spirit
Torrs Quicksilver x Willow Way Hanna (x Torrs Cup Winner)

Jorja has been a very consistent producer so far in her broodmare career. She is a full sister to Kelso, giving her that mare line we are so fond of. In 2017 she had a perfectly marked filly by Zoom, and this year she has a colt by Ozark's Royal View.

Spirit is the most current addition to our broodmare band, we jumped at the opportunity to add this big quality mare to our breeding progam. She is one of the last daughters of Torrs Quicksilver, and her dam is another Hatfield Duchess daughter. She is a full sister to Willow Way Blossom, who was Champion Mare & Best Canadian Bred at the RAWF.
​Spirit had a lovely roan filly by Kelso in 2018.

For a full listing of pedigrees, please click here and here