Willow Way Clydesdales Ohaton, Alberta

2018 Supreme World Champion

Willow Way


Live Oak Omega x Willow Way Gabriel (x Torrs Cup Winner)

Cloie with her 2018 filly by Firestone

Cloie is a mare we hold very dear to our hearts. She has a personality like no other, at 16 yrs old, she is still leading the pack when it comes time to move pastures. All of her foals hit the ground running, as that's Cloie's favourite pace; perhaps this is why she's raised 3 successful lead mares: Willow Way Jive, Willow Way Kanga & Willow Way Omaira.
Along with Kanga & Omaira, we have another daughter, Lydie, who has raised us a few nice fillies in her early career as a broodmare.
Kanga has been in the lead of our hitch since she was a 3 year old and she now has her little sister Omaira as a mate. The two of them performed beautifully at their first show, with Kanga in the lead of the winning mare unicorn for the 3rd year in a row & Omaira winning ladies cart.
Cloie comes from a very maternal line of mares, she always foals without assistance and has very thrifty foals. It is quite a sight to watch Cloie nicker to her foals shortly after birth, encouraging them to stand and nurse. She always positions herself in the optimal spot to help her foals, making the slightest moves if needed so that the baby will be able to get that first drink of milk.
Cloie's dam, Gabriel, was a part of our show string for a few years. She won Jr. Champion at the Calgary Stampede and Best Canadian Bred Mare at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.
We are especially grateful for the foals these Omega mares bring us, as each year passes and they climb in age, we know that the day will soon come for retirement. We can always count on Cloie to produce a very marketable foal, true to type, that will posess the same spirit and confident attitude in which she has in spades.

Kanga (x Danny Boy Master Don) on the right & Omaira (x Deighton Zoom) on the left

Omaira in her first cart class, winning ladies cart

Kanga leading the unicorn

Willow Way Gabriel in 1997

Kanga & Omaira in the lead